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Ohio’s NEW School Report Card 2014 (Current)

  • Grade: A
  • Performance Index: 92.6%
  • Indicators Met: 100%
  • (The highest performance of any charter school in Summit County)
  • In 2013 Greater Summit County Early Learning Center was awarded Ohio’s Charter School of the Year by Ohio Superintendent Dick Ross based on our Performance Index.
  • 2013-2014 GAR Recipient ($145,000)
  • 2014-2015 GAR Recipient ($145,000)
  • The GAR Foundation selected Greater Summit County Early Learning Center (SCOPE Primary) over the next three years as their largest grant recipient of $435,000. GAR President Christine Mayer states, "We are greatly enthusiastic about the outcomes SCOPE produces with its students. We are eager for them to share their remarkable teaching techinques and best practices throughout Summit County."
  • We have mentored over 160 University preservice teachers from the University of Akron and Kent State over the last four years.
  • More than 1375 educators from across Ohio from preschools to universitys have visited our site and observed and participated in our best practices.

About Our Schools

The Summit County Educational Service Center is proud to present two dynamic and impactful school options for early learners in the greater Summit County area: SCOPE Preschool, an innovative preschool program, and the Greater Summit County Early Learning Center (aka SCOPE Primary), a Public Conversion School serving kindergarten through fourth grade. Collectively, we refer to these two programs as "SCOPE Academy."

SCOPE Academy provides children with a quality learning environment that is responsive to their individual growth and development. Fostering learning opportunities that emphasize high academic and multi language experiences while also nurturing children’s social and emotional growth is our priority at SCOPE Academy. We strive to ensure that all children reach their fullest potential and build a foundation for life-long learning and success.

An important part of our curriculum delivery is through a project based approach through SOLUTION BASED LEARNING where children apply Science, Technology, Engineering, Math and Art throughout all areas of their learning day. An integration of real life application across all content areas allows our learners and instructional leaders to provide purposeful learning and skill building at the same time!

Please call for preschool tuition rates or to request an Enrollment Application Packet.

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