Our Mission and Philosophy

Our Mission

SCOPE Academy provides each child with a quality learning environment that is responsive to their individual growth and development. Our priority is to focus and foster learning opportunities that cultivate creativity, curiosity, and problem solving and emphasize real life application, high academic and multi-language experiences, while also nurturing children's social and emotional growth. We strive to ensure that each individual child reach their fullest potential and build a foundation for life-long learning and success in a global world.

Our Instructional Philosophy

The staff at SCOPE Academy work to design learning experiences in collaboration with children and families that are provided in a safe and nurturing environment and developmentally appropriate for young children. We intentionally align instructional strategies, opportunities provided, and environments created with targeted outcomes that will provide children with a foundation for future life experiences. We value the process of learning over the products created and ensure children have the time they need to explore and achieve depth within the learning opportunities. We work to foster children's motivation and confidence to learn by building on their interests in a way that is meaningful and relevant to each child. We ensure that all children make progress by meeting each child where they are at and providing integrated learning experiences that focus both on academic and developmental areas.

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