For the Parents

Parents are asked to play a critical role in their child’s education at SCOPE Academy. We believe that positive parent involvement in education supports positive student academic achievement, aspirations, and attitudes.

Our teachers actively endorse a home to school partnership and believe your participation matters.

Our educational team views their role as an important one in helping parents educate children through guiding parental involvement. Parents are a true extension of the teachers’ curriculum at school and by the integrated home activities proposed. It will be our role to enable parents to do their job well by promoting shared responsibility and direction between our professionals and parents.

Parents and Grandparents are welcome to serve daily as volunteers in the classroom or at home to support school and child initiatives. Parents who have an interest in providing academic support to children will be trained by the educational team in place with developed materials and guidelines.

Parents are encouraged and invited to participate at weekly meetings. This helps us to personally learn to self-evaluate our program and continuously refine and contribute to the improvement process.

Family and Volunteer Involvement

Our program believes that parents are the first and most important teachers of their children. Please be assured that any and all of your concerns will be respected and recognized for the important role you play in your child’s development. Contact your child’s teacher or any staff member involved with your child’s program to share your concern.

SCOPE Academy offers two scheduled parent conference opportunities, but families are invited to contact their child’s classroom teacher to arrange additional times to meet if desired.

Opportunities for program volunteering include:

  • Daily communication with the teachers, via notebooks, notes, personal contact
  • Attending parent conferences
  • Participating in parent and family activities
  • Sharing special skills and family traditions with your child’s class
  • Assisting with special events
  • Volunteering in one of our community rooms
  • Assisting teachers with classroom tasks and instruction preparation

In accordance with Licensing Rules (3301-37-04), all volunteers working with children outside of the classroom are expected to complete a BCII investigation and FBI criminal background check completed in addition to annually signing a non-guilty/non-conviction statement. Please contact the program director for information on how to complete these requirements. If you are just visiting the classroom for a day/special event, you do not have to complete the above requirements.

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