What's in a Name?

The Greater Summit County Early Learning Center (GSCELC) is also known as SCOPE Primary.

So what does that mean?

The GSCELC has always held many close ties with the SCOPE Preschool which is based at our same location. We hold the same mission, educational philosophies, core values and beliefs, as well as the same commitment to helping children reach their fullest potential.

While the two programs are indeed two separate entities, and funded by completely different means, we share common goals and have a shared vision on how to reach those goals. In order to better illustrate that unified purpose, and to more efficiently communicate with our students and their families, we now simply refer to the GSCELC as SCOPE Primary.

SCOPE Primary and SCOPE Preschool together form "SCOPE Academy!"

So what has changed?

In practice, nothing! Our educational goals, philosophies and strategies all remain the same, only the name has changed. Our separate funding sources and procedures have not changed either, as SCOPE Primary and SCOPE Preschool still remain two separate and distinct entities. However, by sharing a building wide name we are better able to maintain and promote a unified vision. This also enables us to more efficiently communicate with our students, our families, and our community.

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